Empowering students to solve problems through teamwork

This public school’s mission is to empower students to solve real life problems through teamwork. Learning not only happens in a classroom, but even more so outside.

    At the entrance of temples, topics big and small, from flood control and soil liquefaction to malaria prevention, are discussed by government officials and scholars using language that locals can understand to explain how regulations are set and the effects they have. In bookstores and small coffee shops within the city’s alleyways, storytelling is being used as a way to share academic knowledge in youth policies, urban planning, philosophy, environmental protection, sociology, among many other topics. At Tainan Park, 100 stories were told about trees and birds, childhood memories and future hopes and dreams; Tainan Park’s 100th birthday was marked by 100 stories that people will never get tired of hearing.

    At the Chianan Irrigation System, trees were planted and the irrigation ditch was cleaned. The construction of a national bike path was also planned from Zengwun River estuary to Yushan and make it possible for every Taiwanese person to have the chance to visit Yushan, Taiwan’s sacred mountain, in their lifetime. In forests, streams, and seas, on farmlands, fish farms, and in the wild, a group of people spent a decade to fight against the burial and dumping of waste that threatened to contaminate the Taiwan soil that raised and nurtured us.
These stories of learning started in 2001 at Tainan Community University and continues to this day. The school uses learning as a platform to bring together self-serving individuals to form compassionate groups that care about society. The school values the development of the students’ public characters, and their message to the students is: “Let the motivation to learn come from the will to surpass your own limitations; let caring for others become a voluntary habit and action”.

People enroll in Tainan Community University as students and leave as citizens of society. The vocation that never changes is lifelong learning, and the result is a group of people that are empowered to face challenges head-on and solve them in a team.

 At this school, every course is like a key that will open a different door in life. We welcome you to walk through the doors and discover a different you on the other side.


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